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Understand and reduce cell phone radiation and equip yourself with wireless protection

We are dedicated to helping you understand cell phone radiation - otherwise known as electro smog, and how this new and growing environmental presence may be inhabiting your world.

Learn more about what electromagnetic radiation is, how cell phone radiation from mobile phone masts enters your environment, why electricity pylon planning laws were recently changed, and how we can help you remove these unnatural elements from your environment using our EMF shielding products.

We have a varied product range to help you.

Welcome to Wireless Protection - Understand how to minimizing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, mobile phone masts, wireless networks, electricity pylons and other less well known EMF’s.

Client Tesimonials

Melita Dean, London

"Since installing the filters I feel mentally sharper, am sleeping more easily, am not waking up as much in the night and when I do wake up I get back to sleep more easily. The filters have been a huge success."

Richard Dicker, Herts

"I used to suffer from regular headaches but since installing the filters, I am pleased to say they have significantly reduced."

Terry & Michelle Guy, Texas

"I just wanted to let you know that we received our bed canopy on Wednesday 3/21/12. We were surprised that it had arrived so soon since it was coming from your office in the UK. I went to the local hardware store and purchased the 8 dry wall anchors needed for installation, and after supper I proceeded to hang the canopy. My wife immediately began sleeping all the way through the night. I had an adjustment period but now, I too am sleeping so much better. We both wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for offering this product. We had researched the internet for bed canopies and found you to be the least expensive and frankly I was a little hesitant because I have found that one usually gets what they pay for and the cheapest is not always best. You have gone above and beyond what we expected. You promptly and clearly answered all of our questions. Your service is exemplary in that when we were experiencing issues with my credit card you were patient and courteous and even worked after hours to help process my purchase. Then delivery was spot on! Three days from the UK to our front door! We are completely satisfied with our purchase and cannot thank you enough. May God richly bless you!"

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