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I’m Glynn Hughes As a former telecoms consultant I know how to make wireless networks work.  In 2004, I quickly became aware I needed to learn how to make them stop entering homes. As this was creating unhealthy high levels of emf radiation and causing people to feel sick. Already many were experiencing the allergy know as electro-sensitivity.

How it started

During 2004, my 11-year-old daughter Hannah was affected by emf exposure from cell phone antenna on the roof of her new school building. Also cell phone tower radiation from a phone mast nearby, so a journey began for me. Initially as a campaign for health & safety.  The reality that the worlds desire for profit and gadgets had already formed a tidal wave that looked unstoppable dawned.

Cell Phone Radiation is formed

After ten years in the emf protection business in 2015 my wife Esther and I formed Cell Phone Radiation Limited. As I write this towards the end of 2018 Cell Phone Radiation Limited has become a world leader in manufacturing and re-selling emf protection products.  Our wireless protection products that minimize exposure to dangerous EMF from Cell Towers (mobile phone masts).  The high-frequency emf we shield includes 3G, 4G wifi, smart meters, radar and as far as we can tell 5G networks.  Our range of products includes shielding in many forms. Bed canopies, EMR shielding bedding and sleeping bags, wireless-router bags, microwave radiation shielding paint and much more. Don’t forget to start and finish with a wireless protection emf meter. EMF meters help us find it and remove it. You need to do both.

Also on here, you will find many resources in the way of education as to the negative aspects of this crazy wireless world.

please remember if you are suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity or any other distress due to high-frequency emf.  Our aim is to serve you, not the other way around. Therefore no reasonable request for help and assistance will be refused.

Find out more about emf protection here

For the best independent, in-depth science on wireless health danger go here


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  1. Brian Chambers says:

    I am interested in securing my bungalow from 4g + 5G EMF radiation and need to know where I can purchase the appropriate materials. Information in the UK on 5G is very difficult to get hold of as no one is aware of the dangers of this untested 5G technology although it is being rolled out in Gateshead, Bristol & Birmingham. Our irresponsible government has deliberately put many children, firemen and Joe Public in harm’s way by failing to properly inform us of the serious dangers of all wi-fi technologies. 5G wi-fi radiation emission intensities are a quantum leap beyond 4G and will have a devastating effect on almost everybody.

    5G wi-fi was developed by the US Air Force and Navy many years ago. The Sunday Times reported on 21 September 1997 that the low-level microwave radiation of the kind emitted by mobile phones can damage short-term memory and concentration and explain why the devices are so often associated with road accidents. Dr Kanavy noted that there is a large amount of data, both animal experimental and human clinical to support the existence of chronic nonthermal effects which include behavioural aberrations, fetal-tissue damage, blindness, and suppression of the endocrine system amongst many other.
    According to Tom Wheeler, the former lobbyist for the telecoms industry has now been made responsible for the proliferation of 5G, a clear conflict of interest. Furthermore, he maintains he is unprepared to wait for time-consuming testing and peremptorily demands 5G’s immediate rollout across all those nations and countries considered to be vassals states of America, including Britain.
    Our own British telecoms industry must delay the deployment of 5G because tests are absolutely necessary. This irresponsible and criminal behaviour is unacceptable and cannot be allowed in the UK as due diligence must first be observed before 5G can be deployed.

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