Protect yourself from mobile phone radiation using the BlocSock, scientifically proven to reduce EMF radiation emissions.

The government debate around the health risks of phone radiation continues, so we decided to find out what happens when your mobile phone is in use or standby mode.

In order to make or receive calls, your mobile phone connects to its nearest mobile phone mast using a microwave radiation signal. As a result, your mobile phone then produces a 6cm to 10cm magnetic field.

Aware of the possible harm this can cause, Apple suggests the iPhone should be kept at least 15mm away from the body. BlackBerry is more cautious, recommending their mobile phone is used hands-free or kept an inch away from your body.

Increasing radiation sickness presents mobile phone radiation as a possible cause. Choose to block wireless radiation using our smartphone protection by placing BlocSock’s effective shielding material between you and the microwave radiation and magnetic field.

Our mobile protector, BlocSock, gives you peace of mind by reducing the SAR value by 96% according to the industry-standard SAR test.

It’s as simple as that. Shield EMF radiation by putting a BlocSock over it.  Buy now.



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