Protect yourself using the latest technology in radiation shielding acting as EMF protection, developed and manufactured by the world’s top paint scientists in our state-of-the-art research & development facilities.

The government debate around the health risks of phone radiation continues. We don’t intend to join the debate, but offer you the chance to opt out.

BlocPaint, otherwise known as EMF shielding paint, gives you peace of mind by shielding microwave radiation from phone towers, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, wireless utility meters, and other developing technologies of this nature in your living environment.

BlocPaint protection paint can be easily applied with a brush or roller to walls, ceilings, and floor surfaces as an undercoat for future decorating. In our opinion, it has no rival.

As wireless radiation protection goes, the more you apply the better but we recommend 7.5Sqm per litre to see a 40db phone tower radiation reduction. An acoustimeter will give you an accurate reading of the level of radiation to apply the paint until you feel comfortable.

Wireless protection is as simple as that. Buy your EMF paint here.



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