What is electrosmog?

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Electrosensitivity: How does it affect me?

What is Electrosensitivity? Electrosensitivity is the name given to the condition suffered by people who in varying degrees are made ill by connection to electricity. The common belief is that unless a wire carrying electricity touches you and gives you a shock then you are safe and electricity does not cause any problems to us. In fact, nothing is further from the truth, electricity enters our bodies through mobile and wireless technology, pylons and leaky wiring. Everybody reacts

Body Voltage: Check the electrical wiring in your home

The electrical wiring in your home can have any negative effect on your wellbeing and health. High levels of electric fields generated by the electrical wiring in your home can result in high levels of Body Voltage, which causes discomfort and severely disturbs your sleep, according to research emerging from Europe. What kind of problems can those electric fields actually cause? The human nervous system is working with low-voltage electric impulses. The electric fields are a stress factor for

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