Wireless Radiation

Protect yourself from wi-fi and electrical radiation

Wireless radiation in modern digital technology – What should i be aware of?

Q. What exactly is wireless stuff ? A. It's ever growing but mostly emits from the following: Mobile phone masts/Cell phone towers Cell phone radiation WiFi and WiMax (wireless internet access in cities, towns and motorways) Wireless computer and internet connections Cordless Digital phones Cordless Digital baby monitors Digital alarm systems Smart Meters Digital TV All of these devices operate using a form of microwave radiation. Whilst debate continues between those Continue Reading→

Health effects of wireless technology in and around your home

Whilst debate continues to rage as to whether or not digital wireless networking technology has a detrimental effect on health or not, it would seem to make sense not to ignore the growing concern that this new environmental pollution could have very serious long term implications for the health of the mechanised world. Some schools refuse to use wireless technologies, due to the potential health risks involved. If we try to ignore the debate but accept there is no smoke without fire, it Continue Reading→

Wireless communications – Reduce exposure, keep your family safe

So what can you do to reduce exposure and keep your family safe? Firstly there are practical and free ways to reduce exposure. Step 1: First Approach  Replace digital enhanced cordless telephones (DECT) with wired alternatives. Replace wireless internet connections with wired alternatives. Replace cordless baby monitors with wired alternatives. Replace wireless alarm systems with wired alternatives. Enquire if close neighbours use wireless or microwave products. Find out if Continue Reading→

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