Protect yourself from wi-fi and electrical radiation


What is wireless radiation?  Well its just one of the ways we refer to an unnatural environmental pollution that powers our modern world, other terms you might hear it referred to are EMF (electro magnetic frequency) EMP (electro magnetic pollution) RF (radio frequency) or to give it its full scientific title low level none ionising pulsed microwave radiation.  Whatever you call it those that sell it will tell you its safe, those that have looked at potential biological health effects from an independent viewpoint will claim anything from we need more research to establish if this man made emission is dangerous or not to we are witnessing the worlds biggest unmanned health experiment and it will affect the whole population and kill many millions of humanity.


Our advice is until we know more about the health effects of exposing the human body to EMF or EMP we should take a precautionary attitude towards it.  This site and its products are focussed on this, helping you to achieve our ALARA (As Low as Reasonably Achievable) exposure levels for you and your family to all forms of RF (radio frequency).  Let radio waves power your devices, not you.

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