Hi, I’m Glynn Hughes, the founder of wireless-protection.org

I started this business in 2004 under protest really, as people called on me to use my knowledge gained as a Telecom consultant to shield, stop or re-shape the wireless signals entering their premises, fourteen years on in 2018 we have a great range of products to enable you to change your wireless world.  Whatever your concern or need we can help, from blocking signals for health reasons or the safety, integrity or separation of domestic and commercial wireless networks we have the products and expertise to build your solution.

about us

In 2015 my wife Esther and I formed Cell Phone Radiation Limited and as I write this towards the end of 2018 Cell Phone Radiation Limited has become a world leader in manufacturing and re-selling products that minimise exposure to dangerous EMF from Cell Towers (mobile phone masts) this includes 3G, 4G and as far as we can tell 5G networks.  Our range of products includes shielding in the form of bed canopies, EMR shielding bedding and sleeping bags, wireless-router bags, microwave radiation shielding paint, and EMF meters to check it all does what it says it does.

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Router Health and Security

Y-Fry WiFi Radiation Protection Bag

Rated 4.00 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5