Hi, I’m Glynn Hughes, creator of wireless-protection.org

I am a telecommunications expert and am fully aware of the risks and effects of all things radiation and wireless. I can help you with any issues around mobile cell radiation, electro smog, dirty electricity, electro sensitivity and other wireless-based issues. We have a number of products available that have proven to help a large number of people who have suffered from these.


about us

During 2004, my 11 year old daughter Hannah was affected by cell phone antenna on the roof of her new school building and cell phone tower radiation from a phone mast nearby, so a journey began for me – initially as a campaign for health & safety to be a primary concern over profit for the wireless industry. Soon though, the reality that man’s desire for profit and gadgets had already formed a tidal wave that looked unstoppable.

As a result, I formed an organisation that was to become Cell Phone Radiation Limited, to provide products and services to help those affected by cell phone radiation – the method of connection between the cell phone and cell phone tower.


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