Wireless communications – Reduce exposure, keep your family safe

So what can you do to reduce exposure and keep your family safe? Firstly there are practical and free ways to reduce exposure. Step 1: First Approach  Replace digital enhanced cordless telephones (DECT) with wired alternatives. Replace wireless internet connections with wired alternatives. Replace cordless baby monitors with wired alternatives. Replace wireless alarm systems with […]

Health effects of wireless technology in and around your home

Whilst debate continues to rage as to whether or not digital wireless networking technology has a detrimental effect on health or not, it would seem to make sense not to ignore the growing concern that this new environmental pollution could have very serious long term implications for the health of the mechanised world. Some schools […]

Wireless radiation in modern digital technology – What should i be aware of?

Q. What exactly is wireless stuff ? A. It’s ever growing but mostly emits from the following: Mobile phone masts/Cell phone towers Cell phone radiation WiFi and WiMax (wireless internet access in cities, towns and motorways) Wireless computer and internet connections Cordless Digital phones Cordless Digital baby monitors Digital alarm systems Smart Meters Digital TV […]

Body Voltage: Check the electrical wiring in your home

The electrical wiring in your home can have any negative effect on your wellbeing and health. High levels of electric fields generated by the electrical wiring in your home can result in high levels of Body Voltage, which causes discomfort and severely disturbs your sleep, according to research emerging from Europe. What kind of problems […]

Electrosensitivity: How does it affect me?

What is Electrosensitivity? Electrosensitivity is the name given to the condition suffered by people who in varying degrees are made ill by connection to electricity. The common belief is that unless a wire carrying electricity touches you and gives you a shock then you are safe and electricity does not cause any problems to us. […]

Mobile Cell Phone Cancer: Fact or fiction?

If the search term cell phone cancer brought you to this page then you were one of nearly ten thousand people this month that put this into Google alone. This should tell you that despite the cell phone industry deploying some of its considerable wealth in disinformation in order to mask the dreadful illnesses inflicted […]

Everything you need to know about a mobile radiation shield

As concern grows regarding cell phone radiation, mobile radiation shields or products claiming to do this are appearing with alarming regularity. I suppose sadly, it’s no surprise that a lot of the products purporting to act as cell phone radiation shields that have emerged can’t or simply don’t work. What I want to do here […]

Children and mobile cell phones

Concerned about your children and cell phones? Learn here how to minimize their risk of cell phone cancer! Evidence that cell phone radiation causes cancer is growing everyday and with governments recommending caution children and cell phones and cigarette style warnings appearing on cell phone packaging in some parts of the world parents are looking for […]