Dangers of wifi.

There are numerous dangers of wifi use, some of them practical, based on security, addiction, etc. Here though we want to look at growing evidence of disease being linked to EMF from wifi routers.  Increasingly well documented evidence of wifi dangers from wifi netwoks and home routers is emerging.  In France wifi was banned in elementary schools as far back as 2015.  In 2016 Hiafi in Israel banned wifi from all schools.

Disease being linked to wifi…





Concentration issues and much more.

What is it that means we need wireless protection?

EMF from modern communication systems such as cell phone networks and wireless routers use a signal totally unlike the original wireless signals of TV and radio.  The providers of the infrastructure and gadgets that run this technology want us to associate modern tech with old.  Why, well becuase it makes us feel safe.  Old things do, if they’ve been around along time they make us feel good.  Walter raliegh was smoking a pipe not too long after discovering America.  You can bet your life big tobacco nailed a few coffins with that old chestnut.

Modern wifi networks and cellular infrastructure don’t use good old FM signals like your old TV and radio.  They use powerful digital signals that are a form of microwave.  It’s a form of microwave known technically as none inonising pulsed microwave radiation.  Ionising is thermally effective (like a nuclear bomb). None ionising is not thermally active but it is biologically effective and in the long term just as dangerous.  Thats the trouble its a long term effect in most (not all cases) cases.  Those that make a profit out of this now huge industry have and are capitalising on this.


As a former telecoms consultant, I know how to make wireless networks work. In 2004, I quickly became aware I needed to learn how to make them stop.
During 2004, my 11-year-old daughter Hannah was affected by cell phone antenna on the roof of her new school building and cell phone tower radiation from a phone mast nearby, so a journey began for me – initially as a campaign for health & safety. Soon though, the reality that the worlds desire for profit and gadgets had already formed a tidal wave that looked unstoppable.

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