What is Electrosensitivity?

Electrosensitivity is the name given to the condition suffered by people who in varying degrees are made ill by connection to electricity. These people have a Sensitivity To Electricity. The common belief is that unless a wire carrying electricity touches you and gives you a shock when you are safe and electricity does not cause any problems to us. In fact, nothing is further from the truth, electricity enters our bodies through mobile and wireless technology, pylons, and leaky wiring.

Everybody reacts differently to electrical input into their bodies, some people have a higher Sensitivity To Electricity than others, whereas some people remain seemingly unaffected by high levels of electromagnetic fields or dirty electricity as it is commonly called.

Am I Electrosensitive?

Everybody has Sensitivity To Electricity in some form or another so the question is how much do I suffer from electrosensitivity? We’ve got the answer right here. By taking a simple test you can get a good idea of the symptoms you may be experiencing and if you need to take any further action. What have you got to lose? Download our Questionnaire Here… and view our products that can help.

Electrosensitivity Symptoms


Sleep problems – inability to get a “good” night’s sleep, waking up, restlessness.

Tiredness – abnormal tiredness, weakness, tremor, faintness and dizziness.

Headaches – sometimes extremely severe.

Tinnitus and Earache.

Skin – feels dry, prone to rashes. Irritation, skin tingling, crawling sensations.

Chest pains, heart arrhythmia.

Warmth or burning on the face, not unlike strong sunburn.

Pain in teeth and jaws.

Eyes – difficulty in seeing, smarting, irritating sensation, pain or a “gritty” feeling.

Aches, pain, numbness, prickling sensations in joints, bones and muscles in shoulders, arms, legs, feet, wrists, ankles, elbows and pelvis and cramp in arms and legs.


Memory – short term and long term memory impairment

Lack of concentration

Difficulty in learning new things


Depression, mood changes, including anger and crying


Stress and anxiety attacks, feeling out of control

It looks like I’m affected what should I do?

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Sensitivity To Electricity?

So, what is EHS, who does it affect and how? Put simply, Sensitivity To Electricity is what it says on the tin, a sensitive reaction to electricity which is something every living organism has, as anyone who has ever had an electric shock will confirm. ElectroHyperSensitivity is much more varied in its manifestations and can be as severe as people breaking out in hives, migraines, and rashes or even collapsing when within a few meters of a mobile phone or Wi-Fi router. Of course, it’s only rarely that the person who suffers from Electrosensitivity will connect the cause with the symptom. This means many people do not adopt a different lifestyle to avoid said cause. Since it appears that for electrosensitive people exposure to EMF (electromagnetic fields) has a cumulative effect that ultimately can end in death if not addressed, you can begin I’m sure to appreciate the gravity of this emerging catastrophe.

So, we all have a certain level of Electrosensitivity and our reaction or feeling lies somewhere between nothing unless we connect to a power source and death or does it…

I began helping people avoid exposure to cell tower radiation (mobile phone masts) in 2004 and over the last fourteen years I’ve watched and helped as people went on their own personal journey with exposure, to the ever growing and changing the wireless world. So, although I am not a scientist or a doctor, I have second hand (and in my own case even first hand) experience of what it’s like for EHS folk to try and survive wireless radiation in the modern world. I must point out those ES sufferers who recognize and act on their allergy to electrical wireless radiation are in a far better position than most of the world’s population, who don’t understand their own reaction to exposure to EMF.

There is much research into the effects of exposure to modern technologies such as Wi-Fi and cell phones, but few if any have connected the cumulative EHS theory to the unexplained modern epidemics, so let’s simplify this and look.

EMF Emissions

There are two strong theories amongst the medics and scientists that have realized the potential severity of the catastrophe we are already living in.

  • Exposure to EMF emissions from cell towers, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, cordless phones, baby monitors, smart homes and appliances etc. In other words, pulsed microwave radiation interferes with the body’s own communication system. This is because it is radio frequency in a very weak and subtle form that is transmitted between the cells of your body to keep it working and on point, so when you expose your body to a much more powerful anthropogenic radio frequency, those cells see it as the enemy and go into shut down mode, limiting nutrition, ingestion and waste elimination.
  • The same EMF as listed above is seen by the pineal gland in the brain (but not our eyes) as a form of bright light, however, in this case, it’s the pineal gland and not the eyes that matter as the pineal gland is where Melatonin is manufactured during darkness but if you sleep with an active Wi-Fi router in your home or even your neighbor’s home, likelihood is you will never achieve deep immune system restorative sleep, in other words, you will likely feel like your sleeping normally but awake not feeling refreshed which of course over just a short period of time, starts to feel like the norm……

So, to leave you with some food for thought let’s look at just a few diseases that have accelerated at ridiculous levels over the last 35 years since the invention of mobile phones.

Let’s look first at some effects on children, those many believe to be most at risk from exposure to EMF

Bristol University in a local population study found that one in 50 16-year-olds have CFS/ME lasting more than six months. Also nearly one in 33 have CFS/ME persisting for more than three months.

THE U.S CDC says the rate of autism diagnoses has rocketed 15 percent in just one year, a new report reveals.

One in 59 American children suffers from autism spectrum disorders. Up from one in 68 reported last year, according to new data from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

It follows a steady increase: ASD prevalence has grown more than three-fold in the last two decades.

I read recently that among adults, atrial fibrillation has risen from 1 in 50000 forty years ago to 1 in 50 today.

Other diseases dramatically increasing are





Heart attacks


And on and on

Go on I challenge you, see if you could be affected by EHS electrohypersensitivity and act before it’s too late.

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