How Our EMF Bed Canopies Work

Good bed nets will protect you from a variety of environmental pollutions. WiFi, cell phone towers, smart meters, smart appliances, cordless phones, and baby monitors to name but a few. Without an EMF Radiation Protection Canopy, these technologies will otherwise amongst other things interfere with your sleep.

How do they work, well that’s the simple bit, we have a range of radio frequency protection materials. Our materials offer different types of EMF shielding qualities. All our fabrics are tested here at our facility in the UK for efficacy against all and specific wireless technologies. They all have four things in common. They are see through and have good breathability, they contain tried and tested sophisticated technology. Using silver plated yarn to block out the sleep-disturbing microwaves and they are all manufactured into EMF shielding bed enclosures. Then they can minimize your exposure to Melatonin stealing microwaves during the night.  Oh and a fifth thing they have in common is if you don’t like them you can send them back within the first 30 days for a full and complete refund

If you can’t avoid it, then shield!

Most of the EMF you and I are exposed to, especially in the daytime is unavoidable. Indeed as we inhabit our places of work, education or even worship, we can’t avoid it.  We can lessen our exposure with EMF protective clothing in the day. The nighttime is when we are really getting hit by a myriad of environmental pollution from cell phone towers or mobile masts. Then there is the neighbor’s WiFi, smart meters, microwave digital baby monitors, smart appliances. The quickest and easiest way to see if you’re affected is to buy an EMF Radiation Protection Canopy. If you’re not, send it back!

As wire-free technology boom time goes from bottom line to profit margin unabated, with, in most cases not a passing thought to the health effects millions, possibly billions of people are suffering from as a result of the microwave exposure associated with modern technology.

You can try a Radiation Protection EMF Bed Canopy for free.

Yes, you can try an EMF Radiation Protection Canopy for free.  If it doesn’t work for you send it back for our no hassle refund. Many of our clients claim these Radio Frequency (RF) reflecting bed shields are life-changing.  Again check out the testimonies on our shop for confirmation.

See our fabric put to the test!

How EMF Effects Sleep

For our sleep cycle to fully benefit us, our bodies recognize the time of day via the environmental light to determine melatonin production. This process starts in the eye’s retina. When the eye is exposed to light, a signal is relayed from the retina to part of the brain, known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus, which plays a part in making us feel tired or awake.

Until around 1986-90 depending on where you lived, if it was dark, you went progressively from awake to REM sleep and when it became daylight again you began to wake up (nowadays most of us don’t get enough sleep and fight the waking up process, hence the need for alarm clocks).  But then high-frequency EMF was allowed into our bedrooms and everything changed, the pineal gland thinks it is daylight at any time of day or night and so never fully kicks into melatonin production, so we don’t get the immune system refreshing sleep we were originally designed to.  See this link for more details Understanding Sleep

Further to this, there is a huge amount of research concluding that EMF exposure inhibits Melatonin production and entirely separate (mostly) research linking reduced sleep difficulty with cancer Poor sleep linked to cancer  Please do your own research and remember it’s not entirely how much you sleep as much as how you feel in the morning.  Do you leap out of bed feeling great or crawl out and begin the days’ consumption of coffee and Red Bull?

The point to all this is due to many unhealthy factors of modern life not least of which is our constant exposure to EMF our mind souls and bodies are under huge amounts of unnatural stress, so we need our healthy sleep more than ever. My recommendation to you is to start by making your bedroom as conducive to sleep as possible from an EMF perspective. There are many things you can do I know but for two reasons I will focus on EMF minimalization, one, because its what I do and two, because I believe it to be the most important and largely unaddressed area of insomnia.


Blocks out a significant amount of EMF radiation

I tested this canopy with an Acousticom 2 meter, HFE35C and HFW35C HF Analyzers and it is a real emf shield. This canopy blocks out a significant amount of EMF radiation. The fabrics feels like a sheer cotton mesh, very light weight and breathable but surprisingly very good at blocking EMF radiation. I already washed it once in the hand wash cycle in my machine and hung it dry from the ceiling hooks it comes with and it still works the same blocking out most EMF. I liked it so much I bought another one for my daughter. Excellent product and necessary for a good nights sleep for those who are sensitive to EMF radiation.


This canopy has saved my life!

This canopy has pretty much saved my life. I bought it along with a ground sheet and from the first night I have enjoyed radically improved sleep. When inside the canopy it blocks Wi-Fi and reduces 3G/4G signals. If it hadn’t been for the canopy I would have had to move home (not sure where though as Wi-Fi is everywhere now)

Simon Davies

I am very pleased with this canopy

I am very pleased with this canopy. It effectively blocks the bad frequencies that were coming from the cell tower they put near my home. I sleep so well at night now without all the ringing and buzzing in my head. Because of the good nights sleep and 8 hours of non exposure I function so much better during the day. I highly recommend this product and I have told many people about it. I like the cotton as it breathes better and is cooler in the Summer. I noticed a difference immediately after putting it up. Dr. Deborah Ladermann

Deborah Ladermann

What are we shielding from?

Now, let me explain how the wireless signals we have all come to depend on, work. These signals have over time begun to revolutionize but at the same time negatively affect our lives. I don’t need to labor on the positives of the wireless world. We all have our own joy and from time to time pain from this on and in touch everywhere online revolution. Don’t get me wrong I love it too. I’m always available to those I love and them to me. I love nothing better than chatting away a long car journey on hands-free. But there is a hidden health cost and so I take the precautionary approach to the online world. If you want to discover what EMF signals are currently penetrating your home then an EMF Detector is a great place to start.

The world’s health is deteriorating, yours doesn’t have to.

Over the last 40 years, the developed worlds state of health has deteriorated at an alarming rate.  Diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular problems. Neurological issues such as dementia, blood disorders and of course the emerging biggy, mental health issues. In particular, depression has skyrocketed. It started slowly like the wireless revolution and like the aforementioned, quickly picked up pace building to its current crescendo.

It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to connect the dots and finally the many underfunded, even persecuted scientists who have been banging their hang on a minute mobile industry drums for decades, are starting to be listened to.

Health issues connected to microwave radiation.

There are many theories out there. Why or how is the worlds ill health is linked to the pulsed none ionizing high-frequency microwave radiation? One thing most of the scientists agree upon is that the brain sees this invisible, and silent technology as a bright light. This bright light inhibits the production of the hormone, Melatonin. (click for more on Melatonin vital for health).  Melatonin is vital for immune system restorative sleep and therefore life itself is at risk. There is good news!  A quality EMF Radiation Protection Canopy slotted over your bed will make a huge difference to your health, instantly.