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Electrofilm EN50 – 1 unit = 1.52m


Electrofilm provides very effective phone mast Protection for your windows.  All our Electrofilm products will reduce a mobile phone signal that previously was full strength to zero.  The EN50 film has the following benefits:
  • 99.97% Radio Frequency Radiation Reduction
  • 43% glare reduction.
  • 99% UV Light Rejected
  • Very Good Fade Reduction
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Ideal when maximum heat rejection is required without altering the natural light levels in a room.

Each unit provides 1.42m  (5ft) x 1.42m (5ft).


What Makes Us Different?


100 cm x 152 cm, 200 cm x 152 cm, 300 cm x 152 cm, 500 cm x 152 cm, 1000 cm x 152 cm, 2000 cm x 152 cm


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