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EMF T-Shirt for Women


Shield your vital organs from emf exposure with our quality emf T Shirt. Made from the tried and tested anti wave fabric designed specifically for emf protection clothing, its washable and durable offering upto 20Db of emf protection. Available in various sizes (UK size 4-UK size 18) this t-shirt is specially designed to reduce EMF penetration.  Feel free to try it, as long as it’s not washed, soiled or damaged we offer a full refund facility.


What Makes Us Different?


EMF T-Shirt For Women

EMF T-shirts are a great weapon in the battle for emf protection.  Because we don’t yet know the full effects on human health of this wireless revolution.  I strongly recommend that you follow my ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) emf principle wherever possible.  An emf T-Shirt contributes to that nicely.  Because It reduces emf exposure to your heart and other key organs that need emf shielding. An emf T-shirt helps minimize the effects of emf radiation.

EMF Protection

Not sure if you need an emf T-shirt?  The subject of emf protection whilst growing is still relatively unheard of.  If you are new to it you have come to the right place.  But this is a large website with a lot of information spread around many different blog posts and pages.  Plus we can’t cover all of this massive subject.  Therefore we share the burden with our colleagues and friends who like us want a healthier world.  Somewhere we and our kids can live free from the dangers of emf radiation.


Here are some links to information on our and other sites to help you understand your health and its connection to emf.

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All our products are carefully chosen to do the job you ordered them for but if for any reason you are not happy then please get in touch?  It might be something simple or you might just need a refund.



UK 4 Waist 24", UK 6 Waist 25", UK 8 Waist 26", UK 10 Waist 28", UK 12 Waist 30", UK 14 Waist 31", UK 16 Waist 33", UK 18 Waist 36"


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