High Protection Box Style Bed Canopy


Here you can find our range of box shaped  canopies fabricated from Blocsilver (extreme protection box) Wi-Fi and cell tower radiation shielding (electromagnetic radiation shielding) canopy and in our opinion thistwo fabrics offers the ultimate in bed radiation protection. Blocsilver canopies are lightweight, anti-bacterial, breathable and durable and are the best on the market for defeating high levels of  Wi-Fi and cell tower radiation.

Other than full building shielding with conductive shielding paint, window film and window radiation shielding fabrics which can be expensive and time consuming, this will produce the most health benefits for anyone exposed to phone mast radiation and numerous wifi networks.  It is the singularly most popular high frequency shielding product used by our clients in its dome form but this style cannot be beaten on space and value for money being the most economic design on the market today.

The height is 150cm across the board and there is enough space around the perimeter of the mattress to afford a comfortable night sleep, enabling you to rest in the knowledge that you and your family are shielded by a high grade protective EMF netting.

It is designed and made in the UK.
At up to 60db of shielding this is our strongest weapon against the dangers of EMF in the home. If you’re allergic to your neighbours Wi-Fi, this is the EMF shielding fabric for you. It can be sewn and washed.  This fabric is also popular sold by the linear meter.


Technical data:

Attenuation: 10MHz – 3GHz 35-60dB

Surface conductivity: <1ohm/inch

Shielding range: 10MHz~3GHz

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