So what can you do to reduce exposure and keep your family safe?

Firstly there are practical and free ways to reduce exposure.

Step 1: First Approach 

  • Replace digital enhanced cordless telephones (DECT) with wired alternatives.
  • Replace wireless internet connections with wired alternatives.
  • Replace cordless baby monitors with wired alternatives.
  • Replace wireless alarm systems with wired alternatives.
  • Enquire if close neighbours use wireless or microwave products.
  • Find out if you have any mobile phone masts (cell Towers) near your home, school or office Get me a monitor
  • Understand your overall RF radiation environment Get me a monitor

Step 2: Monitor Pollution Levels

After reducing exposure using the above methods you may want to find out exactly how much pollution you have in your home, school or office and you can easily do this by either hiring or buying a monitor to detect harmful emissions.

Use this really simple and effective handheld microwave detector to see what emissions are in your home, school or office. The detector sounds audio alarms depending on what pollutants are present. Find out how many silent dangers are around your home such as mobile phone masts, WiFi internet, cordless phones, wireless baby alarms, and wireless house alarms.

Buy or hire a Phone Mast Detector from our shop

Step 3: Set the Budget

Once you have detected and know what levels of pollution are present in your environment you can then decide if you need to take any further action.

The main priority is the sleeping area because by achieving low levels of electromagnetic pollution at night you can expect to wake refreshed and able to tolerate some degree of pollution during the day.

Step 4: Take Action 

Here is an example of an effective way to ensure your home is shielded and protected from electromagnetic pollution.

Double Impact Shielding

Recommended for high levels of radiation that is penetrating a window. This will consist of:

1. Replacing net curtains with radio frequency radiation reflective netting or EMF shielding window film which can be purchased here by the meterShow me my window options

2. Purchasing a canopy to protect your bed area which can be done from our shop. Choose your bed canopy here…

3. Purchasing an EMF and RFR protective bed mat which will significantly reduce the presence of electromagnetic fields and will mop up any RFR which the canopy might let in.  Buy a bed mat here…

On Site or Remote Surveys

If you are not sure what the best solution is for you then allow us to carry out a survey of your home, school or office and recommend specific solutions tailored to your needs.

We have the following surveys to choose from:

1. On Site Survey – A consultant will visit your location and perform a 360° survey in every room in your location.  Included in the survey is:

  • Radio frequency radiation survey.
  • Dirty electricity and electric field survey.
  • Personal survey for the inhabitants of the building.
  • General health conditions of the inhabitants.
  • Specific symptoms.
  • Effects of Radio Frequency Radiation.
  • Solutions and recommendations.
  • Costings.

Contact us here to find out more about how you can reduce health problems, make your environment free from pollution and experience greater wellbeing. 

2. Remote Surveys – You can hire a monitor from us, take your readings and we will analyse them and give you some recommendations based on the results.  Included in the survey is:

  • Equipment hire to monitor levels.
  • Tele-conference with consultant to review the results (15 minutes).
  • Recommendations and costs.

Contact us here to find out more about how you can reduce health problems, make your environment free from pollution and experience greater wellbeing. 

With this easy to follow step-by-step guideline you can’t fail to effectively shield your family and environment against these modern pollutants that surround us at home, work and school. All these products can be purchased from our shop, click here to visit our shop for more products to enable you to start surviving the wireless age.

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