Q. What exactly is wireless stuff ?

A. It’s ever growing but mostly emits from the following:

  • Mobile phone masts/Cell phone towers
  • Cell phone radiation
  • WiFi and WiMax (wireless internet access in cities, towns and motorways)
  • Wireless computer and internet connections
  • Cordless Digital phones
  • Cordless Digital baby monitors
  • Digital alarm systems
  • Smart Meters
  • Digital TV

All of these devices operate using a form of microwave radiation.

Whilst debate continues between those who believe they are suffering ailments as a result of exposure to this environmental pollution and those who stand to make or lose large fortunes dependent on the population’s belief and attitude, the question remains what can we do about it?

“The fact that everyone has a mobile phone does not mean that they are without potential adverse health effects” says Sir William Stuart – Former head UK Health Protection Agency. At Wireless-Protection we agree and recommend the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) policy at all times with regard to exposure to microwave radiation.

Technology is here to stay but we need to get a balance between the convenience of wireless and mobile devices and the health of our families.  By using shielding products that stop the radiation coming into our homes, schools and offices and cleaning up the environment within our homes, schools and offices we can reduce and in some cases eliminate these ailments and deteriorating health.

So the long face is because there is no doubt that technology affects some people who are sensitive to these emissions ..but the good news is that there are effective, quick and simple ways that you can change your environment by cleaning it up and letting us help you survive the wireless age.

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